How to Make the Most of TSG People’s Choice

People's Choice Voting

The People’s Choice Category is a free Category of The Skin Games where supporters, fans, clients, and family show love to our players by voting for them once a day for seven days.

The top ten people with the highest votes are announced after the votes have all come in, while the top tree will be given their awards at our live event in March, 2023.

Lots of beauty professionals have used this award to increase their clientele, followership on social media as well as their relevance in their local community over the years.

To better help you succeed, we have created this quick guide to show you hew to make the most of TSG People’s Choice voting.

Do the Groud Work

The first step to having a successful people’s choice voting experience comes with doing the ground work. You need to inform and prepare your community at least one week before voting starts. This step is especially important as this years voting is even more secure than ever. For your fans to be eligible to vote, they must complete our voters registration so as to be able to be eligible to vote for you.

Send emails, DMs, and texts to get the word out as much as you can. Don’t forget to check for your direct voting link here.

Make Social Announcements

In addition to the steps above, make announcements on your social media using various post types such as carousel posts, videos, reels, and stories. Make these posts fun and ask your audience to share with thier circle and tage people on the posts who would like to vote for you. Doing this should naturally increase your post-reach and engagement.

Send Reminders

It’s easy to get people to vote for you one time. What is difficult, from the history of the competition, is, can they vote for you consistently every day for seven days. Past winners lists would have been much different if everyone who voted for their favs voted everyday for seven days.

We encourage you to have it as part of your strategy to send reminders to everyone who has registered to vote for you to do so every day for the duration of the competition.

Doing all of these simple steps will help to make sure that you can get as many votes as possible, and even if you don’t make the top ten list, chances are, this experience will open you and your business to more people and also increase brand loyalty.

We wish everyone success at this years People’s Choice Awards.

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