How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

It is no news that many people, especially adults have experienced dark circles under their eyes. These dark circles are eye blemishes that usually appear around the eyes or under the lower eyelids, creating a form of eye bag that makes people look older than they really are.

Dark eye circles are not injuries, redness, bruises, black eye, or some form of swelling that might have been caused by one infection or the other. It simply darkens the skin around the eyes and makes it a couple of shades darker than the actual color of your skin; unfortunately, people find it quite difficult to get rid of.

The layer of the skin at the lower part of your eyelids is quite tender, so, the older you grow, the thinner your skin becomes and the more collagen your body loses, therefore, blood vessels underneath your eyes become more visible.

Many people assume that dark eye circles are temporary because they are mere signs of aging or lack of sleep. It is important to note that the dark circles from under the eyes are not necessarily as a result of tiredness although, the tendency to develop dark eye circles increases when one is stressed or fatigued.

Dark eye circles are not usually signs of medical conditions, due to the fact that there are options to various home and medical treatments, it is safe to say that in most cases its appearance shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. However, this doesn’t erase the fact that it can be a medical condition and in some other cases and it could also be hereditary.

Conditions such as swelling of the eyes or fluid imbalance in the eye area may make the eye swell or cause the eye to look puffy and darken the under-eye area.

Although dark eye circles can literally be found on anybody, it is more common amidst the following classes of people.

  • The aged or old people;
  • Black people because they are more exposed to hyper-pigmentation around their eye area;
  • Families with a genetic predisposition to this condition.

Causes of Dark Eye Circles & How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

Just before treating dark eye circles, it is important to seek medical advice in order to correctly identify the most probable cause of your dark eye circles before making the decision on what best treatment to apply in order to get rid of it and replace it with a pretty skin glow.

Of course, there are various things that can cause dark eye circles which may or may not require medical attention as the case may be.

Causes of dark eye circles can include any of the following among other reasons:

  • Lack of sleep or insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Family history of dark eye circles or heredity
  • Trauma
  • Fluid retention
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Excessive rubbing of the eye area
  • Oversleeping
  • Old age
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies
  • Periorbital hyperpigmentation.

Lack of Sleep or Insomnia

Bearing in mind that the skin under the eyes is very tender and thin, sleep deprivation would make your skin look pale and very dull thereby making the dark tissues and blood vessels are also known as veins almost visible.


Practice muscle relaxation regularly or go for relaxation training.
Medical professionals may prescribe sleeping pills, medication for underlying ailments, dental guard to grind teeth, etc.


When one has a feeling of being extremely tired or overly stressed with little or no energy and a strong desire to sleep, take a nap, or rest, it can cause the eyes to look puffy and it might even cause itching. Fatigue does not necessarily mean tiredness as a result of underlying illnesses.

However, many forms of underlying illnesses have a lot to do with the body feeling fatigued. Examples are chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, etc.


  • Eat an only healthy diet, reduce or totally do away with caffeine.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.
  • It is important to see your skincare professional if you:
    • don’t see positive results after following the advice as stated above;
    • feel depressed or sad,
    • are not as productive as you used to be at work.

Family History Of Dark Eye Circles Or Heredity

Hereditary dark circles are not caused by environmental factors instead they have inherited genes either from the father’s side or from the mother’s side. Unlike other causes of dark eye circles, families with a genetic predisposition to this condition have dark eye circles from their childhood days.

Treatment: In this case, many people opt for temporary solutions that include applying makeup and using concealers to conceal the affected area.

Others use creams that contain hydroquinone. It is important though to consult with your licensed esthetician so you can find the best treatment for you.


This is a result of physical force or contact usually an injury in the form of bruises. It usually forms a black eye and takes medical aid to heal. It is an aggressive route to falling under the causes of dark eye circles.

Treatment: Apply ice wrapped in a soft piece of cloth on the affected area and then see a physician as soon as you can.

Fluid Retention

Fluids may build increasingly underneath the eyelids which may cause the eyes to look puffy, thereby forming a shadow cast that might make the eyes seem like it has dark circles.

Treatment: Take a clean cloth and deep into room temperature water, lightly apply pressure while using the damp cloth to clean the eyes in order to reduce retention of fluids just before going to bed. Do not use the same damp cloth or water on both eyes.

Also, try to cut down on salt in your daily diet.

Excessive Sun Exposure

When the eyes are exposed to the sun, it directly affects the thin layer of the under-eye skin by increasing melanin. The skin in this area pigments easily because it is more sensitive than the surrounding area.

Treatment: Place iced tea bags on both eyes while relaxing. Avoid going out too much in the sun. And, if you must do, use sunscreen, shades, hats, and moisturizers to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Excessive Rubbing Of The Eye

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles - rubbing the eyes

When you keep rubbing your fingers vigorously on your eyes, you apply pressure on the thinnest layer of your skin which is directly under your lower eyelid thereby making it more irritable and prone to dark eye circles.

Treatment: Stop rubbing your eye and fight the urge when it comes by distracting yourself as best as you can. You can also place iced tea bags on the affected area. If none of these works, please visit your healthcare provider.


Too much sleep and slumber coupled with fatigue and laziness make the eyes grow weary, retain fluid, and look puffy. Fatigue, fluid retention, and puffiness of the eyes contribute greatly to the cause of having dark eye circles.

Treatment: Set an alarm that can effectively wake you after a certain number of hours, after a while, you would get used to it and start waking even before the alarm goes off.
You should also reduce your idle time so that you can stay awake as much as possible. You should visit a physician to affirm that it’s not as a result of any underlying ailments.

Old Age

The fact of life as regards the rules of aging is that the older you grow especially after your youthful days the weaker your body functions. It is no wonder that old age causes the skin at the lower eyelid to grow thinner while losing collagen, thereby exposing the veins and the dark tissues just below the skin surface.


Soak eyes with tea bags
Create more time to sleep
Drink enough water


This is a very common and easy way for the eyes to become a victim of dark circles. Drinking enough water is an essential part of life. When you deny your body of enough water your lower eyelids become dull and look sunken thereby giving it the dreaded dark eye circles.


Drink water at intervals, stay hydrated always.
Take a good shower regularly


Allergies happen in various forms and when it infects the eyes, it may cause clogging in the blood vessels which makes it become darker and prompts puffy eyes as well as dark circles and bags.

Treatment: Apply a cold compress on the affected area then visit a medical practitioner for advice and treatment.

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation

This is a cause of dark circles that is mostly prevalent amidst black people. There’s a lot more attached to periorbital hyperpigmentation but this is just to lay emphasis on it as a common cause of dark eye circles.


Place iced tea bags on both eyes while relaxing
Avoid going out too much in the sun. And, if you must do, use sunscreen, shades, hats, and moisturizers to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Generally, when treating dark eye circles by yourself it is advisable to apply ice on the affected skin area also to leave to your head while sleeping by propping it up with a peel and making sure that you get enough sleep will go a long way in either healing up your dark eye circles or preventing dark eye circles from finding a place under your eyelids. Certain types of creams lotions or concealers may help to hide or clear up dark eye circles.

Most importantly, seeking medical attention before making decisions on how to treat your dark eye circles is key, to prevent stories that touch the heart, especially when you realize that your dark eye circles are caused by certain medical conditions.

The moment you realize that there is discoloration and swelling under just one of your eyes or if symptoms persist, make sure you see a licensed professional immediately. It’s always great to visit your skin care professional or healthcare provider as soon as you notice dark eye circles, either way, you will be referred to the best professional that will help you the most.

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