MECA – Men’s Esthetician Conference and Associates


At the end of April 2023, I came back home from a two-day educational event, the MECA, where I was inspired by the many invited guests in attendance as well as the new estheticians who went to learn from the older generation willing to not only share in their knowledge but to speak on what helped them along the way. From upcoming male estheticians, to seasoned ones who have been in the game for more than twenty years, Moto Kinjo has managed to put us all, women included in a safe space to meet, mingle, and share of ourselves.

If you do not know what I am referring to, it’s the MECA, which stands for Men’s Esthetician Conference and Associates which Moto Kinjo, a man of many talents (cosmetologist, esthetician, school instructor, salon owner and tax man) put together in 2022 as a place for male estheticians to have a place to congregate, share and learn, sort of as a club. He then invited his “associates” the women of the MECA to join in the fun and thus the first ever MECA Event was held in 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona where it became an educational conference. I was at that event as well, and let me tell you, the first event was good, this was one was great, and I am sure that the next will be even better!

Day one started off with guest speakers who all came in to talk about unity in the field of esthetics, how it has grown from being a women dominated field to being inclusive to men as well as how many of these guests have known each other for decades and have helped each other over the years. The esthetics industry has gone from cattiness to community. From thinking we are in it for ourselves to we are here for each other. I for one will help my sister or my brother stand up tall if they fall.

Day two was all about getting your education on, whether you wanted to learn how to do cupping, to performing proper massage techniques, to peels or how to properly start your business A–Z. There were classes on the introduction of Oncology Esthetics, how to perform nano-channeling, Top 10 Hottest Modalities, how to spot Sensitive Skin, etc.. Too many classes to list here, if you would like more information and want to attend the 2024 MECA, click this link.

In closing, I would like to say that Moto is an inspiration to all estheticians, not just the males out there as he is a hardworking, dedicated individual who has a true passion for what he does, and it shows in everything he puts out there into the universe. I look forward to next year’s event, see you there!

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