TSG Duffle Bag

Our TSG Duffle Bag is the perfect solution for all your travel and gym needs. With a zipper closure and a decent room size, this bag has enough space to accommodate your personal exchange clothes for domestic and international travel, or your gear for shuttling between work and the gym. The bag features one inner pocket for private storage of personal items and toiletries, and one outer pocket for quick access to your tickets, phone charger, earphones, tissues, and other essentials.

Crafted from durable nylon with lining, our TSG duffle bag offers exceptional strength to hold up everything inside. It’s lightweight yet way more sturdy than a polyester duffel bag, making it the perfect travel companion. The bag is easy to transport, thanks to its reinforced hand-carry strap and detachable shoulder strap, which is comfortable and convenient to tote. The bag’s perfect size makes it ideal for the seat in the car or plane.

Our TSG duffle bag is also foldable for easy storage. It can be folded up into an ultra-small size, tucking completely into one of its interior pockets for secure containment. This feature makes it convenient to pack everything you need quickly and easily for travels and sports with no issues. The outer pockets are also very handy for a variety of applications.

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