Professional Wax Warmers for Hair Removal

Pieces of wax for depilation in the wax heating machine.

The wax warmer is a key component of the waxing process in the treatment room. Therefore, it is critical to do proper research on what type of warmer might benefit you. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best professional wax warmers for hair removal.

Naturaverde Double Roll- On Cartridge Wax Warmer

Chances are some estheticians have not tried using roll-on waxing cartridges because they are used to regular waxing procedures and they find hand waxing more controllable. However, roll-on cartridge waxes have the advantage of using less wax product. So if you have not researched roll-on cartridge waxes, we are happy to let you know that they have their specialized wax warmers that are often times made by the same company producing the cartridge.

The Naturaverde Double Roll- On Cartridge Wax Warmer is a great option that you can get with California Skincare Supply.

Equipro Duo-Pil Wax Heater

Equipro is a great line because of the support that they deliver and the quality of products that they are known for. They have a support line that’s very easy to reach and you can be rest assured that their wax pots will stand the test of time.

Equipro is so great that we have two partners who carry their products. You can use the link below to shop for them.

Honeycomb Wax Honey Pot Large

This wax warmer, which includes a metal insert, is excellent for busy professionals who want to switch out their waxes without a hassle.

You can set the temperature by adjusting the heating element to wrap around the entire warmer. It keeps your wax at the perfect temperature. These Honey Pots are easy to clean. They distribute heat evenly and effectively to keep the wax at the right temperature.

10 lb Duo Wax Pot

This 10 lb duo wax pot from Wu Aesthetics is easy to use and clean with an analog temperature controller, switch button and indicator light that turns on and off with heating procedures.

WaxOne 5LB Wax Warmer

This one from Bare Beauty Wax Supply has a different look from the standard design of wax warmers. The exclusive design yields a quick warming and consistent temperature for the waxing professional. The basin is made of aluminum (for quick and even heating) and the case is powder coated to make room for easy cleaning.

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