Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wax Yourself at Home

Why you shouldn't wax yourself at home

You have probably been waxing your body hair since you were a pre-teen, and you think a visit to the spa for a body wax is a mere waste of your hard earned money, when you could DIY.

While you could probably wax your underarms and bikini line, thanks to countless DIY tutorials on the Tube that teach how to wax your body hair all by yourself, here is one major tip top licensed estheticians have to say about body waxing:

Should I Wax Myself?

While you may feel confident in your ability to wax your own body hair, it is generally recommended to leave this delicate aspect of personal care to professionals. Waxing at home can pose potential risks, such as scalding burns, skin infections, itchy ingrown hairs, and rashes. Here are some reasons why you should avoid waxing at home and opt for professional services instead.

Waxing isn’t all about pulling off the strip

What DIY tutorials on body waxing don’t tell you is that, waxing is a lot more technical than it looks; one wrong move and you might end up with scalds or inflamed skin.

Going to a spa to get your bikini line, underarms waxed, would save you from the hassle of struggling with which direction to pull the strip, how to remove the wax, when to exfoliate, or how to treat your skin before and after exfoliation.

Only an esthetician knows how waxing works and how your skin would react to the process, let them do their job.

Waxing at the spa gets the job done faster, and less painfully.

Waxing itself comes with a measure of discomfort and pain, and when you do it yourself? Firstly, you cannot achieve a clean result or wax effectively with over the counter home wax kits. With a professional though, the years of experience and skill in removing body hair, sidled with top-quality waxing products, would come in handy in making the process quicker, more effective, and near painless.

Beat the awkwardness

You would think waxing yourself down there would save you from having an awkward moment at the spa, but reverse is the case! When you take up the task of giving yourself a Brazilian or waxing your bikini line, you have a lot to deal with; the hard to reach spots and physical strain, for starters.

Estheticians understand the process better and would do their possible best to keep you comfortable and what’s more? You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess later. With a pro, you get relaxed rather than awkward.

Before you reach for the wax strip next time for a DIY, remember that it is not your job description, but that of an esthetician, so, go book a spa visit instead.

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