The Skin Games 2020 will be split into three parts this year as follows:

  • Pre-event meetups held in our all-new Virtual World
  • Virtual Expo held in our all-new Virtual World
  • Live Show held in Palm Springs, California.


Pre-Event Meetups:
The Pre-Event meetups are short 30-minute previews of TSG2020 Virtual World Expo education. These will run through October 17th. The main goal of the event meetups is to provide ongoing value to the esthetic community while also helping speakers, and attendees of our Virtual Event familiarize themselves with our Virtual Campus.

If you would like to schedule a class during the Pre-Event Meetups, please contact us at info@theskingames.com

Virtual Conference:
Our virtual conference is a paid event Oct. 18-20, 2020 and people will only be able to access these events after they have bought a ticket. Tickets are available at theskingames.com/ticket

Our virtual conference will feature free and paid classes, expo, networking activities, and giveaways.

To schedule a class or get a booth, please contact:  info@theskingames.com

TSG2020 Live Show:
As you know, we always end our year-long competition with a Live show and  Expo.  This has been rescheduled to take place at the Renaissance Hotel in Palm Springs, California for the 22nd to 24th October 2020.

You can buy your tickets at theskingames.com/tickets

Please make sure to book your flights and room in advance to save money.

Please download our all-new Virtual world today at ewcvirtual.com/download today. It’s free to use.