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Sign up today to compete in the SKIN FEUD! Your “Skin Feud” team members will compete to answer survey questions focused on Esthetics, such as “What is your least favorite area to wax” or “Name a muscle in the face”.

The answers are concealed on the board, ranked by popularity of the survey’s responses. Your quick response on the buzzer gives you an opportunity to answer the question correctly and gain control of the question for your team.

Cocktails, food and fun will be had by all! Join the fun and test your skincare knowledge.


Space is limited. Sign up today to compete in the games or to be a member of our audience.


  1. Explain to audience Game Rules (5 minutes)
  2. Introduce each team of two Master Estheticians (5 minutes)
  3. Vendors reveal all the products and devices available to use (12 vendors at 5 min. each = 60 minutes)
  4. Bring in the 4 Models and assign each to a Master Esthetician Team (5 minutes)
  5. Each Team has 60 minutes to assess and treat their Models (60 minutes)
  6. Each Team explains their treatment and answers questions from Judges (10 minutes per team. 40 minutes total)
  7. Q&A from audience (20 minutes)
  8. Judges turn in their scores (5 minutes)
  9. Announce winners (10 minutes)



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