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What is Our Age Management Category

Calling all anti-aging estys! The Age Management category in The Skin Games is your chance to turn back the hands of time (well, at least on your client’s skin!). This category is designed for licensed estheticians to compete by showcasing their approach to achieving a more youthful, radiant appearance in an 8-week case study. Here’s your opportunity to unveil your secret weapon against wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone!

The Age Management category is your platform to prove your mastery in the art of age management. Document your client’s journey from tired-looking skin to a revitalized, more youthful glow. This competition allows you to not only gain recognition from your peers, but also to show potential clients the dramatic results you can achieve in just 8 short weeks. Let the world see why you’re a leader in the fight against aging, and inspire future clients to invest in the transformative power of your expertise!

Photo-damaged skin is marked by wrinkles (rhytides), loss of elasticity and cushion, resulting in cellular turnover (which has slowed down), plus texture issues. This category can be very challenging but at the same time truly rewarding, especially when clients realize their skin does not have to show their age. Led by the baby boomer generation and everyone who wants to look as good as they feel, aged skin can be a thing of the past!

Show us your results and 8-week case study and register today!

Judging in this category is based on the following;

Visual improvement: the client’s skin should show a distinct improvement over eight weeks.

Protocol and Planning: estheticians should provide treatment and home care plan for eight weeks consecutively. Forms provided.

Modality & Product Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of proper protocols and ingredient knowledge for treatment. The demonstration is done through the interview and video process.

Compliance & Standards: Demonstrate knowledge of the scope of practice, licensing compliance and competition guidelines by following The Skin Games rules and providing current licensing or documentation required for practicing esthetics in your country. Standards will be demonstrated by providing an explanation of why the esthetician chose their treatment plan.

The Skin Games 2023-24 Category Winners

Aggie Singh

1st Place

Amber Preston

2nd Place

Jennalee Dahlen

3rd Place