Compromised Skincare Category

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What is Our Compromised Skin Category

Calling all skincare heroes! The Compromised Skin category in The Skin Games is your chance to make a real difference in the lives of your clients. This category is designed for licensed estheticians to showcase their expertise in treating skin affected by health conditions and medications. Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to navigate the unique challenges faced by clients with conditions like diabetes, cancer, MS, lupus, psoriasis, and eczema.

The Compromised Skin category allows you to highlight the power of skincare in promoting comfort and well-being. Document your client’s journey from compromised skin to a calmer, more manageable state. This competition is your chance to not only gain recognition from your peers but also to show potential clients the significant impact you can have on their quality of life. Let the world see your dedication to helping those facing skin challenges, and inspire others to pursue this rewarding area of esthetics!

The Skin Games 2023-24 Category Winners

Aggie Singh

1st Place

Jennalee Dahlen

2nd Place

Laney Tepes

3rd Place