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What is Our Holistic Category

Calling all wellness warriors! The Holistic Category in The Skin Games is your chance to showcase the power of a truly integrated approach to skincare. This category is designed for licensed estheticians who understand that healthy skin goes beyond topical treatments. Here’s your opportunity to document an 8-week case study that incorporates holistic practices to address the root causes of skin concerns, while also nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

Why Enter? The Holistic Category allows you to highlight the transformative power of a holistic approach. Document your client’s journey from stressed and unbalanced skin to a radiant, healthy glow. This competition lets you not only gain recognition from your peers but also demonstrate to potential clients the significant impact you can have on their overall well-being. Let the world see your dedication to holistic skincare and inspire others to embrace a lifestyle that promotes healthy skin from the inside out!

Remember: All treatments offered must be within your scope of practice. Familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations and consider building a network of complementary practitioners like nutritionists, yoga instructors, or mindfulness coaches if your license restricts certain areas. Together, you can offer clients a truly comprehensive approach to achieving healthy, beautiful skin.

The Skin Games is not only about celebrating excellence in our industry, it’s also about encouraging ideas that help us to better serve our clients and our profession. For this reason, we are happy to announce that Holistic will be added as a category for 2018.  Our hope is that the skin care community will begin to discuss and share appropriate ideas for expanding services to address our clients in a more comprehensive and holistic way.

Holistic Defined

The word “holistic” is used in different ways depending on the context.  For our purposes, the focus is on the overall philosophy as described below.

The Oxford Dictionary:

Holistic – Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

What Does This Mean For Skin Care & Spa Professionals?

Great skin, like good health, is absolutely related to our habits and lifestyles. There is significant data to suggest that how we eat, think, and manage stress affects not only our health but also the condition of our skin. Because of this, interest in products and services that help counteract the damaging effects of pollution, stress and certain lifestyle choices continues to grow.  Our industry is well positioned to offer treatments that help relax the mind, soothe the body, and nurture the spirit. We encourage you to explore your options and use The Skin Games competition as a platform to demonstrate your understanding and integration of this philosophy.

It’s important to acknowledge that any and all treatments offered in the spa or salon should be within the scope of your licensure. Of course, it is the obligation of every practitioner to be familiar with the rules and regulations of their particular state and to ensure that they operate within those rules.  If you are limited by scope, you may consider developing a network of professionals with whom you cross-promote.  For example, a nutritionist, yoga instructor, or mindfulness coach may be possibilities for consideration.

We look forward to learning about your ideas and watching you see them through.  You are the catalyst for positive change.

Judging in this category is based on the following;

Visual improvement: the client’s skin should show a distinct improvement over eight weeks.

Protocol and Planning: estheticians should provide treatment and home care plan for eight weeks consecutively. Forms provided.

Modality & Product Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of proper protocols and ingredient knowledge for treatment. The demonstration is done through the interview and video process.

Compliance & Standards: Demonstrate knowledge of the scope of practice, licensing compliance and competition guidelines by following The Skin Games rules and providing current licensing or documentation required for practicing esthetics in your country. Standards will be demonstrated by providing an explanation of why the esthetician chose their treatment plan.

The Skin Games 2023-24 Category Winners

Laney Tepes

1st Place

Debra Adkins

2nd Place

Aggie Singh

3rd Place