Learn more about the Open Category of The Skin Games

What is Our Open Category

Calling all innovative estheticians! The Open category in The Skin Games is your chance to break the mold and showcase your expertise in tackling unique skin concerns. This category is designed for licensed estheticians working with treatments that fall outside the other categories, such as scar revision, cellulite reduction, and other creative solutions. Here’s your opportunity to unleash your problem-solving skills and demonstrate the transformative power of your approach!

The Open category is your platform to shine a light on your unique talents. Document your client’s journey from a specific skin challenge to a visibly improved state. This competition allows you to not only gain recognition from your peers but also to show potential clients the breadth of your expertise and the incredible results you can achieve. Let the world see your innovative spirit and inspire others to push the boundaries of esthetics!

The OPEN category is designed for estheticians who are working on treatments such as scar revision, cellulite reduction and treatment solutions that do not fit in any of the other categories. If you have a client/model that you think would fit this category, it can be very rewarding to get results. Show us your problem-solving skills and register today!

Judging in this category is based on the following:

Visual improvement: The client’s skin should show a distinct improvement based on identified target over eight weeks. Documentation of improvement that can be done with a skin measurement device such as a Visia can be included.

Protocol and Planning: Estheticians should provide treatment and home care plan for eight weeks consecutively. Forms provided. Include a sign off by the medical director if performing out of scope procedures.

Modality & Product Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of proper protocols and ingredient knowledge for treatment. The demonstration is done through the interview and video process.

Compliance & Standards: Demonstrate knowledge of the scope of practice, licensing compliance and competition guidelines by following

The Skin Games rules and providing current licensing or documentation required for practicing esthetics in your country. The medical director’s license must be current and in good standing with the esthetician’s state medical board. Standards will be demonstrated by providing an explanation of why the esthetician chose their treatment plan.

The Skin Games 2023-24 Category Winners

Jennalee Dahlen

1st Place

Aggie Singh

2nd Place

Michael Razzano

3rd Place