Skincare for Darker Skin Tones

Pretty young black woman in the middle of the city, smiling at camera. Selective focus.

The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin tone is. It is true that darker-skinned people have a greater tolerance to the sun than those who have lighter skin tones; however, there is also a misconception that darker-skinned people do not burn. This is very untrue, and if you have black skin, you still need to take proper care of it and take measures against the sun to make sure your skin looks its best for a longer period.

It is important to moisturize your skin on a daily basis. Darker and black skin tones tend to be dryer than other skin tones, and when they become too dry, they appear ashy looking. Experts recommend using a lubricating facial moisturizer that has humectants. These humectants attract water and moisture, which will help keep your skin feeling and looking soft and supple. If you suffer from oily skin, it is better for you to opt for an oil-free cleanser that is not going to clog your pores up.

Wash your skin every day using a moisturizing body wash. If you have darker skin, you should look out for ingredients such as urea, glycerin, dimethicone, and hyaluronic acid.

It is also necessary for you to exfoliate your skin often. Those with darker skin tones are prone to rougher skin and bumps, which are caused by dead skin cells building up. If you suffer from either dry or thin skin, exfoliate once a week. If you have either oily or combination skin, you need to exfoliate between two to three times per week.

If you have darker skin, you ought to include using a toner into your skincare regime. Toners do not work well on sensitive skin types, but they do have some benefits, such as helping to restore your skin’s natural pH balance. If you have oily skin, a toner would be ideal as it reduces oil secretions and at the same time it gets rid of those dead skin cells which are responsible for the rough and bumpy skin.

Just because you have darker skin, it does not mean the sun cannot harm you. It is necessary for you to protect your skin from the sun by wearing daily sun cream with an SPF 15 or higher.

Using a moisturizer daily is essential to achieve a balanced black skincare regime. Again you need to look for products that contain humectants or other products that will draw more water to the skin. Look for alcohol free and scent free moisturizers as those that contain these ingredients will only dry the skin out more. Since you are trying add more moisture to the face, avoid products that contain vitamin A or retinol as these will just rob your skin of its moisture.

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