Strategies to Sell Spa Membership Packages

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When a customer is happy with their spa experience, they are more likely to return. That means a more predictable income and a better planned schedule for the spa owner.

The difference between getting your calendar filled and always having no shows is down to presentation. In other words, marketing because marketing is presentation.

In this post, you will learn various strategies that will help you sell spa membership packages to your new and returning clientele.

Membership Discounts

Let your non-members know about membership discounts when they come to your spa. Let them understand the rewards that come with being a regular at your spa. This can include a fixed percentage discount on your back bar or even a couple’s discount when they choose to buy a package deal with their friends or family members.

There are two things that people love asides looking good and beaming with confidence, saving some money, and enjoying life with people they care about.

Free Reschedules

While you don’t want cancellations, you can reduce them by providing free reschedules for every booking. You do this by defining what is the best time space you need to get your calendar filled last minute. In most cases, you can allow for free reschedules one or two weeks to the selected date.

Another thing to do is create a last-minute waitlist calendar that you can use to let people know about last minute openings, you can market your waitlist in spa and on your website by letting your customers know that when they join your waitlist, they will be the first to know when there’s a last-minute opening. This will also help you to fill spaces in your calendar.

Another good thing to do to avoid cancellations is to announce your sold-out weeks on social media. For example, a story on Instagram can announce that you have two more spaces to be filled next week and once they are filled, you announce that the following week is sold out. This will make your followers act faster when next you post an opening and think twice before they attempt to cancel a scheduled visit.

Free SPF

Offer Free SPF when to your clients when they buy a membership package. This reward system will make them feel happy to not only make a saving but also get something that you always ask them to use. It doesn’t need to be a full-sized SPF; you can make custom packaging for the SPFs that you will be giving out for free.

VIP Treatment

Give your members a VIP treatment from the moment when they step in till when they go out. This will make them feel loved and help them look forward to every visit. Before they come in, you can also check in with them to know if they will like their treatment be featured on your social media or for you both to record a reel together.

These valuable experiences will make people who check you out on social media want to have that same special feeling, with this tip alone, you might be on your way to stealing clients from other spas around you.

You need to understand your clients too to know what will make them feel more comfortable. Some people would love a bear hug while, some people would prefer a gentle hug. Treating them in a way that’s so special will have them telling everyone how you are the best thing since bottled water.

Request Reviews and Testimonials

Ask your regulars for video reviews, testimonials, and Facebook check-ins. You can use these video reviews on your website and social media. Your testimonials are important for ranking higher on Google maps, and Facebook page suggestions.

All this feedback will help people who are considering trusting you for their long-term skin goals make the right choice of sticking with you.

The best testimonial you can have, is to also highlight your awards and recognitions as people enter your spa. This will help them say to themselves, Yes! I’m in the right place!

Use one or more of these strategies to help your business sell membership packages that will help boost your income. Please use the comments section to let us know what works for you. We would love to hear new ideas too!

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