Thriving in the Skincare Industry: Aestheticians & Side Hustles


In today’s economy, professionals across various career fields are exploring what are known as “side hustles” to bolster their income and finance their passions. Aestheticians, known for their expertise in various skincare-based skills, are no exception.

Combine unique skill sets and growing demands for personalized skincare services, many aestheticians are branching out into side hustles that not only supplement their income, but also to enhance their professional experiences.

The Appeal of Side Hustles for Aestheticians

The skincare industry is FOREVER evolving! New trends and technologies are constantly emerging while tried & true treatments regularly completed in treatment spaces throughout the industry remain standard. Aestheticians, armed with both knowledge & hands-on experience, are well-positioned to capitalize on the evolution of both.

Here are a few reasons why side hustles are particularly appealing for aestheticians as
well as those in the Cosmetology/Barbering industries:

  1. Financial Independence: Additional income streams provide financial security & the flexibility to use the income to invest in further education or advanced equipment as well as pay off outstanding loans and start up costs.
  2. Skill Diversification: Side hustles allow aestheticians to expand their expertise beyond traditional skincare services.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Engaging in various industry-based ventures helps build a broader network of knowledge within the beauty and wellness community.
  4. Creative Fulfillment: Exploring different aspects within industry can reignite passion and creativity in their primary job.
  1. Skincare Product Lines: Many aestheticians leverage their knowledge to develop their own skincare line of products. Whether it’s a new line of organic moisturizers, serums, or masques…a line for children and men …creating and selling products can be a lucrative venture. This side hustle not only generates additional revenue but also builds a personal brand. An example, professional makeup artists who currently vend their own products.
  2. Online Consultations and Courses: With the rise of telehealth and online learning, aestheticians can profit outside the treatment space and offer virtual skincare consultations, tailored skincare routines, and even instructional courses via channels such as YouTube. These services are then extended to a more global audience, breaking geographical barriers, and expanding their client base more broadly.
  3. Beauty Blogging and Vlogging: Speaking of YouTube, sharing professional experience & expertise through blogs, YouTube channels, or social media platforms can establish an aesthetician as an authority in the skincare field. Affiliate marketing can also turn this passion into a profitable endeavor.
  4. Freelance Makeup Artistry: For aestheticians with a creative knack for makeup, freelance makeup artistry for events, photoshoots, or weddings is a popular side hustle. This service can be marketed to existing clients, through social media platforms, and through avenues such as salons and stylists with whom you are
  5. Workshops and Seminars: Hosting/Co-Hosting workshops & seminars on skincare topics can attract professionals looking to enhance their knowledge. These events can be conducted in-person or online, providing flexibility and a wide reach.

Balancing a Side Hustle with a Full-Time Job

Managing a side hustle while working as a full-time aesthetician can be challenging. It requires plenty of careful planning & time management. Here are some tips to help retaining a healthy balance:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define WHY you want to work a side hustle & WHAT you want to achieve with your side hustle. Set realistic benchmarks of your milestones once to keep you on track.
  2. Create a Schedule: Set aside a specific time for your side hustle. Proper planning will help to avoid burnout and not compromise the quality of work found in both your main job. If you are going to be employed by someone else, make sure that your intentions and as well as employer expectations are clear.
  3. Leverage Technology: Use tools for scheduling, marketing, and communication to streamline operations and save time. As much as we schedule appointments for “regular” clients, treating your hustle as a “client” is equally important.
  4. Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to outsource tasks or seek advice from mentors and peers in the industry.

In the End… side hustles can offer aestheticians a unique opportunity to expand their horizons & and enhance their professional journey. In fact, a side hustle might also allow for continued education without sitting in a classroom.

You don’t always have to attend classes to learn the various aspects of the skincare industry, from product development to offering on-line consultations, aestheticians have the ability to achieve financial independence and develop from personal growth offering an industry-based side hustle.

So, whether you’re an aesthetician looking to start a side hustle or simply curious about the possibilities, the skincare industry is ripe with opportunities waiting to be explored. Thinking outside of the box. Aesthetics has a place in spaces such as barber-shops, nail salons and in pop-up arenas. (In fact, I got my start attracting brow shaping clients from the sidewalk in front of the salon I was renting from!)

Embracing industry-based side-hustles can both empower and enrich those in the skincare industry with diverse expertise. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your side hustle and watch your professional and personal life flourish!

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