Tired Of Those Annoying Cancelations?

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I don’t know how the rest of my fellow Este’s feel about cancelations, but I decided many years ago they were NOT an option in my business. Herein lies the real answer. What I mean by that is…until WE are tired of being sick and tired….nothing changes. Until the fear of remaining the same appears, or is greater than the fear of the change, nothing changes. So, with that in mind, where does the responsibility truly lie as it pertains to cancelations? Ouch, another article on personal responsibility? As painful as it is to read or think about what I’m addressing in this article, it’s even more painful to live with aspects of your business not operating at the level you desire and not knowing why, or how to fix it.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you focus on expands! What you THINK about….you CREATE! Now before you possibly allow yourself to go into …’I’m a screw up’…consider this. If you are that powerful to have ALLOWED too many cancelations to infiltrate into your business…you are also just that POWERFUL to change the direction and intention of your business.

When I’m coaching professionals, I help them get to a point of recognizing that EVERYTHING is won or lost with communication. Not just talking…that’s easy. Not just talking at someone…that’s easy. I’m speaking about true purposeful, intentional and succinct communication. What is that? What does it sound like? It’s delivering a message whereby both parties have ‘contracted’ to adhere to certain boundaries and are clear on what the consequences are when either party falls short of those agreements.

Most professionals have a ‘cancelation policy’…and I would sadly say most professionals do not address it fully and with agreement on both sides at the very first appointment. Far too many professionals don’t even know their own boundaries enough to ask for what they want from the client. Is it the clients fault if they place their own needs ahead of your business? No. The professional failed to communicate fully both the value of doing business with them, along with what the loss is certain to be if the professional has to end their professional relationship. Did I just say that? Did I just say YOU can end the relationship? Yes. Until the client values you and what you DO for them you WILL have cancelations because your business won’t be truly valued by that client. Addressing what you can DO for the client, along with any and all boundaries need to be addressed fully at the very first meeting. This is why the first appointment with the client is the very most important appointment you will ever hold. How many of you are doing this? You can start today. Decide what you want. Decide how you want to communicate it. Then find the time to go over this with every new and current client you have. Everyone needs boundaries….everyone! This is YOUR business. Define it.

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