Treating Acne in Just 8 Weeks: Michael Razzano’s Journey in The Skin Games


Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting people of all ages. It can be challenging to treat, especially when the underlying cause is unknown. In The Skin Games, aesthetician Michael Razzano took on the task of treating his client Olivia’s acne in just 8 weeks. Through a customized treatment plan, he was able to significantly improve her skin.

Michael started by having an in-depth consultation with Olivia to understand her skin history. She had been struggling with acne for 3-4 years after getting off hormonal birth control. Her breakouts consisted of painful cystic acne on her cheeks that would flare up monthly. She also experienced smaller whiteheads around her mouth and chin. With this background, Michael devised a treatment plan focused on reducing inflammation and preventing new breakouts, while also fading any resulting post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

In week 1, Michael performed a light peel with trichloroacetic acid, lactic acid, and kojic acid. The peel exfoliates the skin surface and has antibacterial properties. He planned to do these superficial peels every 2 weeks so Olivia could resume her regular routine the next day. For home care, she used a mandelic acid serum and benzoyl peroxide to keep acne at bay.

By week 2, Olivia was experiencing some peeling so Michael had her stop the active products for a few days. Then she eased back into her routine. An omega-3 supplement was added to reduce inflammation. Michael checked in virtually to monitor progress.

In week 3, a second light peel was done. Only 1 layer instead of 2 since Olivia had more sensitivity last time. Purging occurred with a few new inflamed breakouts, which is normal when introducing new actives. The acne medication used overnight helped combat this.

No in-office treatment was done week 4 since Olivia had just been in. She only had minor dryness so all actives could remain in her regimen. Her supplements continued and breakouts were minimal.

For week 5, Michael did an enzyme exfoliation instead of a peel due to lingering sensitivity. Extractions, blue light, and high frequency were also done to reduce bacteria and inflammation. The mandelic acid serum was increased to use morning and night to further improve PIH.

Week 6 focused on monitoring skin tolerance to the increased use of mandelic acid. Olivia’s skin responded well with no irritation. Her cheeks showed great improvement in both acne and PIH.

The final treatment was week 7. After a light peel, high frequency and blue light targeted any remaining bacteria. Inflammation was nearly gone, just some PIH remained. Olivia felt confident going makeup-free.

By week 8, the results were remarkable. The before and after photos showed a dramatic reduction in breakouts and redness. Olivia’s right cheek in particular looked smooth and clear. Her skin’s overall tone and texture improved immensely.

Through a customized regimen of superficial peels, LED light therapy, supplements, and at-home actives, Michael was able to completely transform Olivia’s acne-prone skin. In just 8 weeks, they were able to achieve amazing results that have Olivia feeling more self-assured. Consistency with the routine and targeted ingredients made all the difference. Michael’s strategic approach in The Skin Games proves that acne can be cleared quickly with the right guidance.

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