Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare

Firstly, let’s lay a little bit of emphasis on the fact that Vegans are people who do not consume meat or make use of any byproducts made from animals. As they are purely against animal cruelty, therefore, they find their daily meals from plants and vegetables. However, some people do not go vegan for animal reasons. Some do it for health reasons while others do it for the environment.

Vegans do not restrict their veganism to food intake alone, they make it their way of life. And, this is why a Vegan’s skin care routine may be slightly or totally different from a non-vegan’s skin care routine.

A non-vegan may not be so much disturbed as to the ingredients contained in their skin care products as long as the products works perfectly with their skin and they don’t have any skin reaction.

Vegans would not use any animal based product or byproduct, they even prefer products that are cruelty free, that is, products that have not been tested on animals. They however, steer clear of products that may include ingredients like honey , keratin, collagen, etc. They only use plant-based or synthetic ingredients for their skin care routine.

The most commonly used vegan skin care products are in the form of essential oils. Please note that “not all essential oils are vegan compliant”.

Vegan skincare has proven itself severally as very effective, but, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not have side effects. We all have different personalities, and, the same goes for our skin types. So, the fact that a vegan compliant product works perfectly on a particular Vegan’s skin doesn’t make it the perfect product for every other vegan. Are you a vegan? If so, find a vegan skin care routine that best fits your skin type.

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