We Are Giving People in the Beauty Industry

We are giving people

Welcome to the first in a new blog series where we will be talking about non-profit, giving back and how to accomplish supporting your favorite causes.

We join the beauty care industry because we are passionate about people and having them look and feel their best. Those in the beauty industry have huge hearts and have skilled hands to fulfill the one most important action all humans crave – human touch. Our hands and gentle touch are the forefront of our businesses and the one tool we all have with the ability to change lives. However, since the beauty care industry is often an expensive industry we also have to find ways to give our gift to those who may not have the means to utilize our services. For that reason, we create unique ways to offer our services to those who may not be able to afford it. Whether they are a homeless person living in a Shelter or teens living in foster care who are going to their first ever prom and would like to have makeup and hair done. We can fulfill these wishes with our specialized skills and make a whole new group of people very happy.

I’m sure there are more nonprofit that exist in the beauty care, if you happen to know a good one, please reach out. Since we are all in this industry together its important to recognize and support those that share our industry with us, particularly those who are currently contributing to the greater good.

As the blog series continues, we will feature topics such as why start a nonprofit to compliment your business, how to partner with a nonprofit, what nonprofits currently exist in the beauty care industry, and the who what when where why’s of nonprofit including interviews with experts in the business. Stay tuned as we venture out into block abyss to share our experiencing ideas and know-hows.

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