Why Brazilian Waxing is a Trend That Keeps Gaining Popularity

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing is one of the most popular treatments with women who visit a spa. Some of the most fundamental reasons why this is gaining popularity is because it helps women improve their confidence and based on other areas, they have previously waxed, it gives a smooth result.

Now let’s start from the very beginning to understand why Brazilian keeps gaining popularity. Waxing is a method of hair removal that uses wax to remove hair from the root thereby leaving a smooth texture on the skin.

Various areas of the body are usually waxed including legs, armpits, and brows to ensure they are very neat and results last for much longer than with shaving.

There are basically two popular ways for applying wax by trained Estheticians and those are strip and hot waxing. Strip waxing ultimately saves the most amount of material while hot waxing includes heating up wax and then allowing it to cool down before applying for hair removal.

Some of the best advantages of waxing include:

  • It removed hair from the root
  • Results last longer
  • It can remove sizable portions of hair at once
  • The hair will usually grow back finer
  • You get saved from cuts that might accompany use of razor
  • There’s a lesser chance for ingrown hairs

Anything that has advantages will also have some drawback and the major drawback for using waxing as a method of hair removal is the pain attached to the process. However, the pain from waxing cannot be compared to how it feels to have a razor cut and then possible having bumps or bleeding from the cut.

Brazilian waxing started gaining prominence in the US around the late 80’s and the early 90’s when women started getting introduced to this concept and the results made them abandon use of razor for shaving.

It got the name Brazilian waxing because it was brought from Brazil by seven sisters. The sisters opened J. Sisters’ International Salon around 1987 where they introduced the Brazilian waxing techniques.

As you can see, the many benefits that Brazilian waxing possess are the major reasons why this treatment has been a hit from the 80s and has only gotten even more popular with time.

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