Fifteen Reasons Why You Need a Licensed Esthetician

Why You Need a Licensed Esthetician

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is the “in-thing” which is taking over the world at the moment. Many people find themselves watching various diy videos online just to avoid extra expenses. “Of course, why spend a thousand bucks when I’ve got all necessary ingredients in my kitchen?” is what we find ourselves saying these days.

Don’t get it wrong, DIY is really good and creative, but there should be a limit to the practice, especially when it’s got everything to do with your skin. Many people have tried certain DIYs for their skin treatment and it worked (lucky folks); some tried and there was no “result”, while others tried and everything just went WRONG! To avoid stories that touch the heart, wouldn’t you rather see a licensed esthetician for your skin treatments?

Well, below we have listed for you fifteen reasons why you need a licensed esthetician.

  1. A licensed esthetician doesn’t just work on your face; they care for every skin covering your entire body.
  2. A licensed esthetician will usually have a lot of body treatments on the menu for you to choose from.
  3. Visiting a licensed esthetician for regular treatment can help clear skin concerns before they become obvious.
  4. A licensed esthetician guides you through the type of skin care products that will be most effective for your skin type.
  5. A licensed esthetician is the person you can trust to do your facials to suit your skin’s needs and preferences, which includes deep cleansing, facial steam, exfoliating treatment, mask, and moisturizer or serum, facial massage, etc.
  6. A licensed esthetician helps to manually remove non-inflamed breakouts like blackheads and cleanses blockages of dead skin cells and oil from your pores to make an immediate improvement in the look and feel of your skin, and help to prevent inflamed blemishes from developing in the future.
  7. Some licensed estheticians can help you with microdermabrasion, in which during a treatment, superfine crystals are passed over the skin to remove dead cells. The result leaves the skin softer and clearer.
  8. A licensed esthetician can have your skin exfoliated from head to toe using the best products for your skin type.
  9. A licensed skincare professional can get rid of unwanted hair for you through waxing, threading, tweezing, laser hair removal, or any other method that could be best for you.
  10. Some licensed skincare professionals can provide you with permanent hair reduction over a couple of treatments.
  11. Some estheticians offer makeup for your special events. It is important to note that the makeup products applied by licensed estheticians are products that would not cause any form of breakout on your skin. Usually, the makeup product used by estheticians will benefit your skin and make you look like a movie star.
  12. A licensed esthetician can guide you through various anti-aging treatments to help your skin look younger and vibrant.
  13. A licensed esthetician applies products that are beneficial and healthy for your skin.
  14. A licensed esthetician is only happy when you are happy with the results of your skin!
  15. A Licensed skincare professional will always recommend products and services they have been specifically trained for. You can be assured that they understand the latest professional trends in the world of Skincare, especially if your Esthetician attends Trade Shows like Face & Body Expos or IECSC or is involved with The Skin Games.

You might be wondering what some of the ways of finding a great Licensed Esthetician is; you can easily check out Players and Winners from past years. Another great way is you subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can understand how great the work of a licensed Esthetician is.

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