10 Ways to Raise your Registration Fee for The Skin Games

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I wanted to take a moment and shoutout to all the wonderful estys who have contacted us! We’ve been inundated with interest and questions about the games. Most touchingly, the single momma, newbies, and budding esthetician business owners out there who have reached out asking if we have a scholarship program for entering #TheSkinGames

Your stories and letters have touched our hearts. Hearing how hard you work on a daily basis to grow your clientele or the extra work you put into making your clients feel loved is INSPIRING and we want to HELP you enter The Skin Games so that we can HELP you grow your business!

Why Is There a Registration Fee?

Some of you may be delaying entering because of the $110 registration fee, either wondering what the value is or how you’re going to come up with the money, we understand.

We decided to have an entrance fee to compete in The Skin Games for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that we have found that when we, as humans, are given something for free, we don’t cherish it or work for it.

Having to shell out hard earned cash means that you will be dedicated, enjoy your time in the games, make the most effort to promote the games and your entries, and truly DESERVE to WIN. Skincare work is hard. Hard work pays off. When you work hard and diligently deserve success, it will come to you.

We also felt that the registration fee was fair in that the value of entering is much higher than that of placing a $110 radio ad for a week. Your face, name, services, business contact info, and AWESOMENESS will be blasted nationwide for all the skincare pros and hiring managers, sponsors, and spa owners to see. The exposure that you get as a contestant in The Skin Games is higher than that of a full-page ad in some of the best beauty magazines and those ads cost THOUSANDS!

However, we still realize that $110 is a lot of money for some Estys. So because of that, we have come up with a few ways that you can earn, save, or request the money to enter the games and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Here are the top ten ways to EARN your REGISTRATION fee!

10. Cut back to 1 Starbucks a week. Sock the saved cash in a jar and enter when you have $110. (For some of us, that could be in just 2 or 3 weeks!) (This works for many weekly habits!)

9. Talk to your salon owner and ask if they will sponsor you, as it benefits them to have a contestant in the games as well.

8. Ask the product lines you sell/use if they will sponsor your entry fee since you will be using their line in the entry videos.

7. Put a jar in your client room or at the reception counter for donations for your entry fee. This is a great way to gain buzz about being a contestant and winning as well.

6. Ask 10 friends and family members to donate $10 each to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

5. Get a carpool together with a couple other co-workers and bank the saved gas money.

4. Get 3 estheticians to register and enter their first video in #TheSkinGames and earn a FREE entry.

3. Submit a 200-word essay on why YOU deserve a scholarship to win The Skin Games.

2. Submit a blog about growing your esthetics business and how The Skin Games will help you, if chosen to be published on the website, you will earn a scholarship!

1. Email us to inquire about a payment plan.

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