Looking for Your Esthetician’s Edge? You’ve Found It: California Skincare Supply

California Skincare Supply Team

As an esthetician, you already know that you have to set yourself apart and find your personal edge. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was already a system in place to help you gain an advantage?

Well, there is.

California Skincare Supply has been supporting estheticians since 1990. And, this one-stop-shop provides you with everything you could imagine. From setting up your treatment rooms to education, product distribution and hands-on training, CSS has a solution for your every need.

See how CSS can support you and how it also jumps into the action at The Skin Games.

CSS Team: Kelli Anderson and daughter, Julléa Anderson

For those who don’t know, in what ways does California Skincare Supply support estheticians?

CSS educates estheticians in basic to advanced skin care techniques as well as product knowledge, sales, and equipment development. The CSS sales team is determined to help their customers grow and succeed and are always ready to provide the resources needed for your clients and business.

We are available for in-salon training and demonstrations as well as help with events and merchandising. CSS provides the estheticians’ edge by distributing the absolute best skincare product lines, updated training, and trusted equipment. CSS values their clients above all and treats everyone personally and with honesty, integrity, and kindness.

And, for new estheticians in need of setting up their first treatment room, what essential products and supplies do you suggest they purchase?

We believe the esthetician should invest in a brand that they truly believe in and are confident they will receive the training and support necessary to help their business grow. It is important that the esthetician invest in retail products. This is where they generate revenue and show confidence in their brand. Whether this brand is organic or clinical, California Skincare Supply provides the tools and products for success.

How do you decide which brands to distribute?

Distribution began in 1990 with France Laure, Epillyss Advanced Depilatory Solutions and Equipro Esthetic Equipment. In 1993 DDF was added to this lineup of superb brands. Since then CSS has only added brands that have the same core values: highest active ingredient levels, state of the art product development and continuing education.

Kelli Anderson has continued in her mother’s footsteps and broadened the distribution chain with Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, M.A.D Skincare, Lashes M.D, Shira Esthetics, 2B Bio Beauty, ExPurtise, ATZEN, and Cirepil. Kelli’s daughter Julléa Anderson has since joined the company as well, making CSS a three-generation, female, family-owned business!

Julléa and Kelli visiting Michael Pugliese and Circadia headquarters this July

What benefits do estheticians receive from working with you specifically as opposed to purchasing directly from a skincare brand that you distribute?

Estheticians will receive hands-on training, superb education, and state of the art product choice. CSS is a one-stop-shop, providing over 20 professional brand choices for the esthetician. Our manufacturers trust California Skincare Supply to provide excellent customer service, product knowledge, and training as well as quick and efficient order fulfillment.

California Skincare Team with CEO M.A.D Skincare
Teaching a class with Michael Contorno- CEO M.A.D Skincare

As a company, do you have a specific skincare specialty?

Skincare is California Skincare Supply’s specialty. Mary Keller and her daughter Kelli Anderson, both passionate estheticians, opened their spa, Face and Body Studio in 1986. They worked together as a team, determined to improve the health of their clients’ skin, especially concerning acne. They began a global search for a skincare brand with the highest level of active ingredients to make a real difference for those suffering from severe acne. This pursuit not only provided the tools to drastically improve their clients’ skin but changed the future of this family business.

Kelli and Julléa with Circadia and Michael Pugliese at the IECSC
Kelli and Julléa with Circadia and Michael Pugliese at the IECSC

How are you affiliated with The Skin Games and how do you support them?

California Skincare Supply was the very first sponsor of The Skin Games. This is an honor for the company and we value our relationship with The Skin Games. We support The Skin Games by assisting and sponsoring a Skin Games Team. In 2018 Team CSS had a team with 16 Estheticians competing in The Skin Games using one or more of our brands. We will continue to sponsor this event that brings awareness and attention to our wonderful profession.

California Skincare Supply (Team CSS) at 2019 Skin Games
#CSSTSG (Team CSS) at 2019 Skin Games

How does The Skin Games support CSS?

The Skin Games brings awareness of California Skincare Supply’s mission to provide The Estheticians Edge to Estheticians around the globe.

How do you feel being connected with The Skin Games is helping further your brand, or how do you hope the affiliation will help?

The Skin Games continues to spread the word.

Team California Skincare Supply, Kelli and Julléa at 2019 Skin Games in Las Vegas
Kelli and Julléa at 2019 Skin Games in Las Vegas

What are your current goals for CSS?

To continue to grow and prosper and pass the torch on to the third generation, Julléa Anderson.

How do you want CSS to be viewed in the industry? What do you want CSS’s legacy to be?

California Skincare Supply strives to have our legacy be one of loyalty, honesty, integrity, and kindness for everyone in our esthetic community, while also providing the best skincare brands on the market :)

A CSS booth at Face and Body Trade Show with M.A.D Skincare and Shira Esthetics
A CSS booth at Face and Body Trade Show with M.A.D Skincare and Shira Esthetics

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