How Kelley Baker Tames Brows and Beauty Trends

Kelley Baker

The world of esthetics is so vast with a wide range of aspects one can specialize in, and if anyone is a success story for finding their niche, it’s Kelley Baker. With 18 years of experience in her beauty toolkit, Kelley is the go-to esthetician celebrities depend on for the shaping, grooming, and maintenance of […]

Her Skincare Sauce and Recipe for Industry Success

Many estheticians would balk at the idea of cleansing a client’s face for longer than five minutes, but Regilynn Haywood has a secret sauce to skincare and one of her ingredients: an extended cleanse. She’s found that when she takes her time with cleansing, she’s able to get a better sense of exactly what’s going […]

How Victoria Tabak Brought the Lab and Nature into the Treatment Room

Victoria Tabak of Nature Pure Labs

Victoria Tabak grew up understanding the science behind skin care. In fact, she helped her father formulate holistic products, but eventually, she felt a calling towards another aspect of skin care. She wanted to come from behind the beakers of the laboratory and step into the treatment room, sharing her holistic knowledge as a licensed […]

Famous Makeup Artists

Famous Makeup Artists

The most glamorous faces in the world don’t just appear flawless out of nowhere—there’s someone putting in time and work, and applying technique and skill to create some of our all-time favorite makeup looks. There are a number of famous makeup artists who are the powerhouses behind the visions of beauty we all try to […]

Ve Neill: The Oscar winning Makeup Artist and Legend Who Revolutionized the Industry

Ve Neill: The Oscar winning Makeup Artist

If makeup is your thing, especially if you’re hoping to become a professional makeup artist, it’s super important to understand your craft and to study the greats, those legends, like Ve Neill, who have revolutionized the industry. While everyone doesn’t have the desire to be a Hollywood makeup artist, it pays to understand who makes […]

Vitamin C Serum: The Benefits you Should Know About

Vitamin C Serum

Brighten, tighten and heighten your skin’s beauty to new levels with the tried-and-true: Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that works hard for your skin by blocking damage caused by free radicals, so it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation, hyperpigmentation and promotes collagen production, helping to reveal a […]

Korean Skin Care

Korean Skincare

Korean women are known for their luminous complexions, achieved through a detailed regimen known as Korean Skin Care or K-Beauty, for short. This unique regimen can involve up to 10 steps, more or less, that use Korean beauty products to refine, tone and deeply hydrate the skin, regardless of skin type. K-Beauty is designed to […]

The Story Behind The Skin Games: An Interview with the Founder

The Skin Games is the first-ever competition of its kind, yet during the short time since it began, it has transformed the lives of many an esthetician—whether here in the States or abroad. Maybe you’ve already been a Player, perhaps you’re considering being one and even still, you might not have ever heard of The […]

An Interview with Danielle Hughes, Host of Behind the Scenes X Skinfaktor

Danielle Hughes owner of Behind the Scenes X

A slight homage to the song, “Down Under” by Australian group, Men at Work, seems fitting since their lyrics proclaim Australia to be a place “where women glow,” and you’ll think that true if you’ve had the opportunity to watch glowing skin care expert, Danielle Hughes, an Aussie through and through, speak on her “Behind […]

From Being a Player in The Skin Games to being a Platinum Sponsor – Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria possessed a passion she never knew she had, but when she discovered this newfound devotion, it gave her a new career, two new businesses, and a lucrative obsession, along with other goals to continue conquering. Not long ago, Denise worked as an office manager. When clients began inquiring about services she wasn’t fully […]

Thinking Outside the Skincare Menu: An Interview with Voula Makropoulos

Voula Makropoulos

Esthetics for Voula Makropoulos is not a job—it’s her passion. That’s one reason she does not have a menu of services in her practice, because her passion guides her to think outside of the menu and she focuses on each client as an individual. It’s this individuality that dictates the exact skincare treatment each client […]