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Learn more about the Compassionate category of The Skin Games.


We want to highlight you and your efforts. The effect can ripple throughout our community, and across our country, inspiring dozens of estheticians to make a difference! SO…. are YOU ready to be a Game Changing Esthetician? To help a person may not necessarily change the world but it will change the world for that person.


What is the Compassionate Category?

The Skin Games is looking for Beauty Professionals who are making a difference. The Compassionate Category helps to bring awareness to those in our industry who through their leadership are helping their communities and the world as a whole. It is well known that people are much more likely to perform Acts of Compassion when they have witnessed others doing so.

The Skin Games- Compassionate Category is presenting the opportunity to highlight all the great things you and/or your business are doing to make the world a better place. This year we have expanded the Compassionate Category so that the prize money will go directly to those whose Acts of Compassion are changing lives, support them to do more of the good they already do.

How do I compete in the Compassionate Category?

1. Submit a video no more than five minutes in length showing how your Acts of Compassion help to create a better world.

2. Fill out the questionnaire to effectively communicate to the judges, who you are, what you do and why you should be the winner of the Compassionate Category.

3. Attend The Skin Games and the live interview by our panel of judges. Show us your dedication, your passion and your professionalism and how they are demonstrated through your Act of Compassion.

4. Use the prize money towards performing Acts of Compassion!

Rules for the Compassionate Category:

Participant must be an active member of the beauty industry.

Participant must submit a video by the entry deadline. The video must be no longer than five minutes in length.

Participant must answer all questions on the Compassionate Category Questionnaire.

Participant must not receive compensation for their Acts of Compassion.

Acts of Compassion must be something that can be accessed by others. An Act of Compassion that benefits the Participant, the immediate family of the Participant or their Business is not allowed.

First prize winners of the Compassionate Category will only be allowed to participate once. If the Winner decides to compete again, it must be with a new and separate Act of Compassion.

Participant must be able to attend The Skin Games Live Show and participate in the live interview process.

Participant agrees to accept the final decision of the Judges. While all Acts of Compassion are valuable, please understand the Judges have the difficult job of selecting the final winner

The Skin Games 2020Category Winners

Geralyn O'Brien


Geralyn O'Brien

Stephanie Andresen


Stephanie Andresen

Andra Tashjian


Andra Tashjian