Compassionate Category

Learn more about the Compassionate category of The Skin Games.

Are you helping your community and the people that live in it? We are looking for the everyday Esthetician who is helping to change the world.  This NEW Category is designed to bring awareness to the Game Changing acts of kindness Estheticians are doing and reward them for it!

Helping others is part of what makes up leaders in our industry. When you willingly help someone, you are making your network active which can lead to more professional opportunities for yourself.

Every professional interaction brings personal and professional growth. When you grow, so does our industry. It’s known that people are more likely to perform feats of generosity after observing another person do the same.

We want to highlight you and your efforts. The effect can ripple throughout our community, and across our country, inspiring dozens of estheticians to make a difference! SO…. are YOU ready to be a Game Changing Esthetician? To help a person may not necessarily change the world but it will change the world for that person.

How to Compete

  1. Go to and complete the registration form
  2. Submit a video no more than five minutes in length showing how you help

your community through skincare business.

  1. Write an essay on your project answering the following questions
    1. Who are you helping?
    2. How specifically do you help them?
    3. Is this a one-time event or is it ongoing?
    4. What impact do you have on those you help?
    5. What makes you/your cause unique?
    6. What specific accomplishments have you achieved?
    7. How is your work making a difference?
    8. How do you fund your project?
    9. How are you utilizing your skills as an esthetician?
    10. What Non-Profit does your prize money benefit?

You can also send in links to articles, websites, and social media


  • Participant must be at least 18 years old
  • Participant agrees that the Extraordinary Esthetician may use any information submitted (including likeness and image) for its marketing purposes.
  • Participant must be a licensed Esthetician
  • Participant must not receive compensation for their entry
  • Video entry must be submitted by 11:59 pm PST on 05/30/2020

Judging criteria:

1st  round:  Overall- Scored 1-5 (5 being the highest score)

  • Does the contestant show continuous effort with their cause?
  • How important is the need for what they are doing?
  • Are they utilizing their skills and knowledge as an Esthetician?
  • Uniqueness
  • Impact on community or individuals being helped
    • Video:   Creativity & Effort
    • Essay:  Ability to convey the information

2nd  round (ten finalists)

  • Eye contact
  • Professional appearance
  • Ability to answers questions
  • Ability to use the prize money for future good
  • Passion for their cause

The Skin Games 2020Category Winners

Geralyn O'Brien


Geralyn O'Brien

Stephanie Andresen


Stephanie Andresen

Andra Tashjian


Andra Tashjian