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Since we launched The Skin Games in March 2015 we have tried to make it SUPER EASY for skincare professionals across the United States to enter the contest.

Sometimes, for non-techie professionals, it can seem scary to have to video a client treatment. Don’t get scared. It’s simple, easy, and anyone who can push a record button can compete AND WIN!

Here are some easy tips and tricks for making your entry videos, as well as a couple points to set your mind at ease!


  1. We Want To See Your Passion— Being excited in your video is great! Show us how happy you are to be providing this treatment for this fabulous client. Show us how great you are at what you do and why YOUR services deserve nationwide attention.
  2. We Want To See Your Date— Every first video must have a newspaper with the current date to provide proof of your treatment timeline. Go grab one from the client waiting area and show us your date! For other rules, click here.
  3. We Aren’t Looking For Steven Spielberg of the Spa–You don’t have to be a fabulous video director, with awesome cuts and edits into your video. A video selfie is just fine! Phone, camera, tablet, computer webcam, a friend’s phone— whatever you have to do to document your service— DO IT!
  4. The More Exposure The Better!— This is a competition that feeds your business because of our exposure to the industry. Between our HIGHLY skilled Judges Panel, our celebrity hosts, and our TOP NOTCH skincare professional sponsors– YOUR business is going to get a HUGE boost by being involved. However, the more you share the games, your videos, your links on our page, and tag us in your social media posts– showing excitement about competing and discussing your treatment plan— THE MORE EXPOSURE YOU WILL GET. Share away– we want every spa professional to see the games, and want to compete!
  5. If you work in a spa with multiple professionals— GET EVERYONE ON BOARD! The more friendly competition from your spa, the more YOUR business will get noticed.
  6. Register for EVERY category you can–The more your services are showcased, the more business and clientele will be drawn to use your services or at least tell their cousin who lives in your business area.

Are You Registered Yet? What Are You Waiting For…Click Here.

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