Pursuing Passion: Jarratt Haviland’s Path to Success with Keko Botanicals

Jarrat Haviland

Jarratt Haviland began her esthetics journey after working in nutrition research left her unfulfilled. A friend gave her the opportunity to work at her salon’s reception desk while figuring out her next step. There, Jarratt accidentally fell in love with the beauty industry and never looked back.

Her career started in cosmetology, offering hair and waxing services. However, after experiencing sugaring, a natural hair removal technique, at a neighboring salon, Jarratt was determined to learn it. She shifted her focus to esthetics and opened Sugar & Bronze, Louisiana’s first sugaring hair removal salon, in early 2015. Today, Sugar & Bronze is the leading authority in sugaring, with clients traveling from all over to experience their services.

After nearly 10 years in the industry and growing her salon to over 6,000 clients, Jarratt again redirected her focus to educating others about sugaring and training estheticians. She began teaching in 2015 and became the Director of Education for Ke Kō Botanicals in May 2020. Educating with Ke Kō allowed her to travel internationally, experience new cultures, and share her passion.

In 2022, Jarratt and her husband, Mike, took over Ke Kō to continue its legacy of excellence in sugaring education and products.

Jarratt’s advice: Take risks. They can lead to great success or important lessons. Either way, you gain valuable experience for future opportunities.

Jarratt Haviland is the co-owner of Ke Kō Botanicals, a Louisiana-based company specializing in natural sugaring hair removal products and education. Ke Kō Botanicals was founded in 2015 to provide high-quality sugaring products and comprehensive training for estheticians. Under Jarratt and Mike’s leadership, Ke Kō Botanicals has become the leading authority in sugaring, with their natural products used in over 2,000 salons worldwide.

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