Avant-Garde Makeup Competition

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Avant Garde

2021 Themes
Pre Qualifying: TBD
Live Show Finals: TBD

Avant Garde is known for being dramatic, artistic, and often extreme. The polar opposite of a natural look, Avant Garde is all about creativity and expression. Makeup inspired by a theme. Participants will use their imagination and creativity to create an Avant Garde makeup application, artists will be judged on their interpretation of there theme.

Although individual makeup looks may be distinct, there are several characteristics that typify this style of makeup. The word Avant Garde itself is a French term meaning ‘advance guard,’ and refers to things that are unique and new; experimental or innovative in nature. Applied to makeup, this term represents very artistic looks that are often exotic and high fashion makeup styles. If your a finalist a mood/ story board will form part of the criteria.

You will be judged on:

  • Creativity
  • Application of Technique
  • Did it evoke the Theme with out explanation
  • Color choices, did they work together
  • Originality
  • Blending technique
  • Use of appliances or ornamentation
  • If you’re a finalist a mood/ story board will form part of the final criteria.  TBD

The Skin Games 2021 Category Winners

Toccara Cave


Toccara Cave


Angie Buck


Jessica Lynch