Success Breeds Success

Before and after you can see for yourself

This is a Guest Post from #TheSkinGames2017 Sponsor, President of Face Reality Acne Clinic, Patrick Romani.

Perhaps the one thing that keeps your business from developing a great reputation and flourishing, is that you are failing at getting and keeping your acne clients clear. Your clients, for the most part, may truly be happy with your products and services, but if they have an acne problem that you can’t fix, you certainly won’t get the kind of reputation that Face Reality acne specialists have attained.

Becoming an accomplished acne specialist, someone who gets and keeps 90% of their acne clients clear, is not rocket science, but it does require using the right products and learning to use them in a strategic way. There is no reason why you can’t become proficient in practicing this modality, and you should. The great majority of dermatologists are still using the woefully inadequate strategy of antibiotics and isotretinoin (Accutane). Millions of acne sufferers have discovered the flaws of this tactic and are searching for answers from estheticians. Can you provide the solution to their complexion problems? Absolutely. Should you? Again, absolutely.

The three biggest reasons for spending the time, energy and money to become an acne expert are: helping a population that truly needs your help, creating a business that is successful and developing a true sense of satisfaction because of the work you do. Being successful at getting acne clients clear will earn you a reputation that will make your business successful. The first time that you see the results of your newly developed skills, you will understand.

People who suffer from acne may not be suffering from a life-threatening disease, but it can be stifling in the way it affects their lives. People stay home from work and school because of this condition. They become recluse and their depression ruins the relationships they do have. This is a huge psychological problem that you can help remedy.

Skin care professional that is proficient in treating acne routinely sees a dramatic improvement in the growth of their business. The acne clients that you get clear are often excited to refer their friends and family and with review websites so popular, your reputation can grow that much quicker. Also, since your clients need to continue to use products to keep their skin clear until they are no longer acne-prone, they will continue purchasing acne care products from you, often for many years, after you have gotten them clear.

There is no better feeling in the world than freeing a client from the emotional chains of having a face full of acne. Their outpouring of appreciation will cement your belief that you have chosen the right career path. So, don’t be surprised if tears emerge, from both of you. I know that this may all seem like a pipe dream. However, not only have I had these experiences myself, but I continue to hear these same wonderful responses from skin care professionals that utilize our protocol. I hope many of you decide to take this next step; it will help us achieve our mission of helping the millions of people who needlessly suffer from acne.

So, become successful at treating acne and, I promise, you will see your business become more successful.


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