The Skin Boss Mastermind: A Thrilling Esthetician Competition


The Skin Games, a renowned platform for estheticians, has introduced an exciting event called the Skin Boss Mastermind. Inspired by the popular television show “Cake Boss,” this competition brings together estheticians from across the United States to showcase their skills, creativity, and expertise in the field of skincare. With a unique twist, estheticians are paired randomly with another professional and given a model to work with, challenging their ability to adapt and collaborate effectively. This article explores the Skin Boss Mastermind event, its format, and its significance in the esthetics industry.

The Competition Format:

The Skin Boss Mastermind competition unfolds in a thrilling manner. Estheticians participating in the event are assigned a partner through a random selection process. This pairing encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas, fostering a dynamic environment for both professionals to excel. Each team is then presented with a model, providing them with a canvas on which to showcase their skills.

The primary objective of the competition is to utilize products available on the showroom floor to treat their assigned models. Estheticians must strategize and select the most suitable products to achieve the best possible results. The event challenges participants to demonstrate their expertise in assessing skincare needs, selecting appropriate treatments, and delivering exceptional outcomes within a limited timeframe.

Event Location:

The Skin Boss Mastermind takes place at some of the largest skincare tradeshows across the United States. These tradeshows serve as the perfect backdrop for the competition, attracting a diverse range of professionals and industry enthusiasts. By hosting the event in such prominent locations, The Skin Games aims to provide maximum exposure to participants and foster a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the artistry and dedication of estheticians.

The Road to Victory:

Winners of the Skin Boss Mastermind competition are initially selected in each region. These regional champions then proceed to the grand finale, which takes place at the live TSG (The Skin Games) show in March. This exciting culmination happens in Buckhead, Georgia, where estheticians from different regions come together to showcase their talent on a national stage. The final competition is an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their exceptional skills, creativity, and ability to adapt under pressure, as they vie for the coveted title of Skin Boss Mastermind.

Significance in the Esthetics Industry:

The Skin Boss Mastermind event holds significant importance in the esthetics industry. It not only provides a platform for estheticians to showcase their skills but also fosters camaraderie, collaboration, and professional growth. The competition encourages participants to explore new techniques, products, and treatment modalities, pushing the boundaries of their expertise.

Furthermore, the event serves as an inspiration for aspiring estheticians, offering them a glimpse into the possibilities and potential of their chosen field. Witnessing skilled professionals in action can ignite passion and drive, motivating individuals to pursue excellence in their own esthetics careers.


The Skin Boss Mastermind event organized by both Medspa Distributors and The Skin Games is a thrilling competition that showcases the talent and creativity of estheticians. By combining the element of collaboration with a focus on delivering outstanding results, this event pushes participants to elevate their skills and embrace innovation in the field of skincare. With its regional competitions and grand finale, Skin Boss Mastermind has become a prestigious platform within the esthetics industry, fostering growth, recognition, and professional development for estheticians across the United States.

Meet the Winners:

Brooke Kennedy is a dedicated Master Esthetician and owner of Suite B Hair & Skin Lounge in Issaquah, Washington. She has received prestigious awards for her exceptional waxing services and has been recognized for outstanding Spa & Hair Services and Customer Service. Brooke is also a skin revision therapist and actively promotes sustainability in her salon. She has achieved success in The Skin Games, winning multiple categories and participating in The Skin Boss Mastermind event. Currently, Brooke serves as a judge at the Skin Games, showcasing her passion, excellence, and commitment to her craft and community.

Stephané Romero is a seasoned esthetician with a decade of experience. She recently achieved 1st place in The Skin Boss Masterminds event in Louisiana. Stephané is not only a practitioner but also an esthetician instructor, fostering lasting relationships with students and clients. She is passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams, providing education, body waxing, and holistic facials/healing. With a focus on both inner and outer healing, Stephané incorporates techniques to help clients achieve their skincare goals. Her passion for the industry continues to grow as she embraces new techniques and products. Stephané looks forward to meeting everyone at The Skin Games.

Meet Taylor Rebagliati, a licensed esthetician with a passion for skincare. With over four years of experience, Taylor has excelled in The Skin Games, receiving the Go-Getter of the Year award and placing in Best New Esthetician. They have worked as a solopreneur, specializing in waxing and facials, and have managed sales teams. Currently, Taylor educates estheticians for Hale and Hush while managing special projects for The Skin Games. Excited to connect with everyone in March!

Davianne Beepot, LE is an esteemed skin care professional, esthetician, and educator who has earned the respect of A-listers, influencers, and skin care enthusiasts. As a highly regarded skincare expert, she has devoted the past decade of her professional career to the field of esthetics.
Davianne has an expansive background in business consulting and is a former pre-medical student. She has received certificates and is a specialist in several modalities.

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