What Are The Skin Games?

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This is a national competition open to all skincare professionals who want to compete against others in their field for prizes and the title of THE BEST SKINCARE PROFESSIONAL.

The Skin Games was created when four beauty and skincare professionals got together and decided to create a platform to share esthetics skills in a fun manner.

The skincare industry is the foundation of the multibillion-dollar beauty industry. Without the skilled estheticians performing their magic, makeup would just be a mask.

Estheticians do not have the business support when starting, and this causes a strong dropout rate among the other beauty professions, up to 90%. That’s too many people giving up on their dreams because they can’t gain enough attention to their business. The Skin Games is striving to change these statistics and provide an outlet for all skincare professionals to compete, show off, and promote their services.

With the most influential eyes in the beauty and skincare industry watching this competition, judging the entries, and offering business-building opportunities and tips, the value of The Skin Games is priceless.

How to Make the Most of The Skin Games

  • Grab a willing client, pick a service, grab a newspaper and start recording.
  • You must have the newspaper to prove the date. Your model must sign the release form, and your video must be 30-90sec in length, discussing the procedure and hopeful results.
  • Upload your video after registering.
  • Share your video on our youtube page, after it is uploaded by our team, and have your friends share it as well.
  • Promote your video with #TheSkinGames hashtag on Twitter, and feel free to discuss your contest experience as well. The more publicity The Skin Games get, the more publicity YOUR BUSINESS gets.
  • Have your spa sponsor The Skin Games Live Show and gain extra exposure to your skincare line and services.

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