Esthetician Tiffany Underwood’s Inspiring Nonprofit Journey

For esthetician Tiffany Underwood, helping others has always been at the heart of her work. As the owner of SkinCo Medspa in Georgia, Tiffany is passionate about empowering clients to feel confident in their skin. But a few bumps in her own road inspired an even greater mission of service through her nonprofit Tiff Tiff’s […]

Amplify Your Impact with The Skin Games Compassion Category

What Is Your Passion? Help us put the Passion in Compassion by Entering The Skin Games Compassionate Category As beauty professionals, we are naturally caring and giving individuals. We know that you are already making a positive impact on a regular basis. So why not showcase your good deeds and have the chance to earn […]

Here comes TSG Compassion Judge

Here comes the TSG Compassion judge! That’s me, Holly Brown. I have been a judge in the compassion category for about 6 years. Being a judge has been a remarkable experience and I have had the opportunity of meeting so many professionals in our business. I was honored, 6 years ago to be contacted by […]

Why Start A Nonprofit In The Skincare Industry?

Why should anyone choose to start a nonprofit, particularly in the skin care industry? The short answer is it will enhance your for-profit business and make it much more desirable over other businesses. Having a nonprofit can complement your for-profit. You can help support whatever charitable cause holds your interest while also making a living […]