Calling All Waxers! Boss Up with Swoon-Worthy Retail Sales

You survived esthi school, built your clientele, became an expert at your craft and maybe even did the hard work navigating all the red tape of opening your own business. But now, it’s time to take it to the next level and the right aftercare products can help your clients and your revenues, in a […]

The Golden Pathway: Succeeding in the Permanent Jewelry Business

When venturing into the exciting world of the permanent jewelry business, understanding the fundamental rules of operation is crucial. In this blog, we explore insights derived from a detailed video conversation between Sarah Otto, a seasoned permanent jewelry artist, and Jake Randolph, an expert business strategist. They delve into the mechanics of the permanent jewelry […]

PMU Business: A Simple Marketing Guide

Permanent Makeup (PMU) has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for the convenience and long-lasting effects of cosmetic tattooing. As a PMU artist, marketing is crucial to building and growing your business. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of PMU, how to become a PMU artist, the different […]

7 Essential Marketing Strategies for Estheticians and Skincare Brands

One of the things most estheticians worry about a lot when they leave beauty school is marketing, and this isn’t far-fetched. It’s because marketing is not taught in beauty schools for obvious reasons. However, estheticians and skincare companies can’t do without marketing, and thanks to our never-ending quest to keep improving ourselves, we always find […]

How to Create Great Video Content for Social Media

Video is a leading content type across all platforms and creating videos can be seen as difficult especially when looking at things from the perspective of an Esthetician who has clients lined up back to back. Creating videos can be an intimidating process as there are a lot of myths out there about how difficult […]

Tired Of Those Annoying Cancelations?

I don’t know how the rest of my fellow Este’s feel about cancelations, but I decided many years ago they were NOT an option in my business. Herein lies the real answer. What I mean by that is…until WE are tired of being sick and tired….nothing changes. Until the fear of remaining the same appears, […]

4 Steps to Increase Your Google Map Rankings.

It is one thing to have your business listed on Google maps, however, it is another ball game entirely to have your business pop up on Google Maps Search Results. Listing your local business on Google maps is an online marketing tool that helps you be visible to an online audience, attract new customers to […]

Why Competitions are a Great way to Build Influence

Successful Brands and entrepreneurs blossom, develop, and thrive under competitive environments. Competitions should be seen as an opportunity to grow as well as an opportunity to build influence. They should not be viewed as obstacles. In the words of Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, “You are often your biggest competitor. You should […]

8 Ways To Act Like A Lash Pro

8 Ways To Act Like A Lash Pro

There is more to your lash business than simply applying lash extensions. You are a professional, and with that comes a few expectations. You want to be sure that your business feels professional. Here are a few tips on how you can act like a lash pro! DESIGN A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE Think of your website […]

TOP 5 Free Social Media Content Creation Tools

Free Social Media Content Creation Tools

Making your social media stand out is necessary and sometimes kind of hard. I just want to let you all know that it really doesn’t need to be difficult and there are so many free tools that you can use to make beautiful posts I have curated five free social media content creation tools that […]