The Journey of XO8 Cosmeceuticals: Empowering Skin Confidence in a New York Minute!

As an esthetician, my journey has been intertwined with the stories of my clients – tales of beauty, resilience, and the constant quest for self-love in a world that often imposes unrealistic standards. In our brief one-hour sessions, we create a sanctuary where my clients not only receive skincare but share their lives and dreams. […]

How to Get Amazing Results From Sugaring

Sugaring is a natural hair removal method that’s gentler on your skin than traditional waxing. But achieving the best results requires some pre- and post-treatment prep. Follow these tips to unleash the power of sugaring and enjoy smooth, glowing skin: Before Your Appointment: After Your Appointment: Additional Tips: By following these simple tips, you can […]

Mastering Ingredient Knowledge: A Guide for Estheticians to Elevate Client Conversations

As skincare and the professional skincare industry evolves, estheticians play a crucial role in guiding clients through the maze of ingredients. That is why are Dermeasthetics we’re so committed to proper training and education beyond the product label. Being a Korean American skincare company, we’ve learned to view things from many approaches to science, skin, […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Gua Sha: A Comprehensive Guide for Licensed Professionals

Welcome to our blog, this week we will dive deep into the world of Gua Sha and explore its incredible potential for licensed professionals. Gua Sha, an ancient healing technique rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its holistic benefits and ability to enhance therapeutic treatments. In this […]

The Complete Guide to Facial Skin Extractions

Welcome to the ultimate guide on facial skin extractions, where we delve into the who, what, and why of this popular skincare technique. Whether you’re battling pesky blackheads or overly clogged pores, this article has got you covered. With expert advice and step-by-step instructions, you’ll understand the intricacies of facial extractions and be armed with […]

Treating Acne in Just 8 Weeks: Michael Razzano’s Journey in The Skin Games

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting people of all ages. It can be challenging to treat, especially when the underlying cause is unknown. In The Skin Games, aesthetician Michael Razzano took on the task of treating his client Olivia’s acne in just 8 weeks. Through a customized treatment plan, he was […]

Lola Hodges’ Impressive Age Reversal Case Study in The Skin Games

In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable case study of Lola Hodges, the owner of Caprice Beauty Bar, located in Cohoes, NY. Over the course of eight weeks, Lola successfully reversed her client’s signs of aging using groundbreaking modalities in the field of Age Management. Through the auto transcripts from Lola’s case […]

Boo-tiful Skin: Unmasking the Ghost Peel System for a Hauntingly Glowing Complexion!

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to try something new and mysterious to unveil clearer, brighter skin. Enter the Ghost Peel System, a spectral two-step peel and mask treatment guaranteed to transform your complexion. Get ready to bid farewell to dullness and uneven texture as you embark on a bewitchingly beautiful skincare adventure. The […]

How Aggie Singh Cleared Acne in 8 Weeks

Megan had been struggling with persistent acne on her cheeks and jawline for over two years when she first visited aesthetician Aggie Singh. Nothing Megan had tried had provided lasting relief from her mild but persistent breakouts. Aggie sought to develop a comprehensive 8-week protocol utilizing both in-office treatments and at-home care to finally clear Megan’s acne. […]

MECA – Men’s Esthetician Conference and Associates

At the end of April 2023, I came back home from a two-day educational event, the MECA, where I was inspired by the many invited guests in attendance as well as the new estheticians who went to learn from the older generation willing to not only share in their knowledge but to speak on what […]

Estheticians Discuss National Skincare Awareness Month

National Skincare Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight both the importance of skin health and the valuable role that estheticians play in empowering self-confidence. When I recently asked members of The Skin Games Esthetician Forum how this awareness month could help promote skincare, I received such insightful and inspiring responses. Estheticians from across […]

The top 4 Benefits of Skin Conditioning

We all want healthy, radiant skin. We can achieve this with regular use of skin conditioning products. But do you actually know what “skin conditioning” is? Let’s jump right into it. Here are the top three benefits of skin conditioning. Let’s nerd out for a moment, and delve a little deeper into this skin conditioning […]