How Aggie Singh Cleared Acne in 8 Weeks

Megan had been struggling with persistent acne on her cheeks and jawline for over two years when she first visited aesthetician Aggie Singh. Nothing Megan had tried had provided lasting relief from her mild but persistent breakouts. Aggie sought to develop a comprehensive 8-week protocol utilizing both in-office treatments and at-home care to finally clear Megan’s acne. […]

MECA – Men’s Esthetician Conference and Associates

At the end of April 2023, I came back home from a two-day educational event, the MECA, where I was inspired by the many invited guests in attendance as well as the new estheticians who went to learn from the older generation willing to not only share in their knowledge but to speak on what […]

Estheticians Discuss National Skincare Awareness Month

National Skincare Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight both the importance of skin health and the valuable role that estheticians play in empowering self-confidence. When I recently asked members of The Skin Games Esthetician Forum how this awareness month could help promote skincare, I received such insightful and inspiring responses. Estheticians from across […]

The top 4 Benefits of Skin Conditioning

We all want healthy, radiant skin. We can achieve this with regular use of skin conditioning products. But do you actually know what “skin conditioning” is? Let’s jump right into it. Here are the top three benefits of skin conditioning. Let’s nerd out for a moment, and delve a little deeper into this skin conditioning […]

How to Grow Your Esthetics Business

Taylor Rebagliati, also known as The Good Esthetician, recently asked a very important question in one of our Facebook Groups, The Skin Games Esthetician Forum. She asked “What’s something you wished you knew when you were starting out in the industry? What advice do you have for newbies who are trying to get established in […]

Bacteria. The good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As Professional Skin Therapists, also known as Estheticians and provide results like those of Magicians! We also share sentiments when it comes to our universal Nemesis, Propionibacterium acnes better known by its thug name P. Acnes. I say thug because when P . Acnes comes around, it shows up and shows out causing quite a […]

Join the Ultimate Showdown at Skin Boss Masterminds: IECSC Las Vegas 2023!

Are you ready to showcase your skills, creativity, and strategic thinking? Do you have what it takes to race against the clock and create the most effective skincare protocols using a wide range of products and techniques? If you’ve answered with a resounding yes, then mark your calendars for the Skin Boss Masterminds showdown happening […]

Skin Frosting: What Is It and Why Does It Occur?

When it comes to skincare treatments, particularly chemical peels, one term you might encounter is ‘skin frosting.’ This phenomenon, often mistaken for an adverse reaction, is a standard part of many professional skin treatments. But what exactly is skin frosting, and why does it happen? Here’s everything you need to know. Understanding Skin Frosting Skin […]

Bactarial Acne: What It Is, Causes, and Treatment Tips

Acne is a common skin concern that affects many people. While hormonal acne and bacterial acne both cause breakouts, they have different underlying causes and may require distinct treatment approaches. Let us explore bacterial acne and understand the treatment options, prevention tips and learn how to keep our skin looking healthy and blemish-free. Treatment Tips […]

The Eyes Have It, Eliminate Eye Makeup Mistakes

The battle of what order to apply eye makeup in a morning makeup routine is a preference thing but what if I could tell with a few simple tricks, eye makeup application can be much easier, and you and your clients can avoid raccoon eyes and black smudges by just tweaking your routine. Most of […]

Build a Six-figure Business with Fat Freezing

Introduction What is fat freezing and where is its origin? Fat freezing is a non-invasive treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to freeze away fat cells and has been around for quite some time but it has only recently gained popularity in the United States. In fact, one of the reasons this treatment option has become […]

New Millennium Makeup is High-Performance Skincare

Makeup is now a part of skincare! Imagine how much skincare has improved in the last 50 years. Now makeup has been in major reform. This century’s makeup is high-performance skincare. This trend called “skinification” looks like it is here to stay. During the pandemic, the focus was on skincare since many people were at […]

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