Esthetician vs Dermatologist: Who do you need?

Esthetician vs Dermatologist: Who do you need?

A lot of people can be so unsure as to who they should consult for their skin and this often makes them wonder between two professionals to choose from and as such the popular question becomes “Esthetician vs Dermatologist, who should I visit?” To be honest, most times you ask such a question, the person […]

Who is an Esthetician and What do they do?

Who is an Esthetician

It is possible you have heard about the noble esthetics profession that has been helping women and men alike look their best both inside and outside such that one of the many things that Estheticians do other than helping people get their best skin is to help them repair confidence while still gaining respect from […]

Hidden Causes of Acne Your Esthetician Can Help With

Causes of Acne

No matter the age, acne can be devastating to self-esteem. In one of our previous guest posts, Face Reality Acne Clinic president Patrick Romani points out how acne comes with emotional chains that can significantly hamper a person’s social acumen. If you’re suffering from it now, the first step to getting rid of it is […]

Making Her Wish Come True: An Interview with Kelly Wolcott

Kelly Wolcott | Making Her Wish Come True

This transformative powerhouse sold her east coast esthetics business and moved to the west coast to start a new one.

Learn about her WISH and how she believes The Skin Games will allow her to achieve her goals of helping other estheticians develop and reaffirm their skills.