Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wax at Home

You have probably been waxing your body hair since you were a pre-teen, and you think a visit to the spa for a body wax is a mere waste of your hard earned money, when you could DIY. While you could probably wax your underarms and bikini line, thanks to countless DIY tutorials on the […]

4 Steps to Increase Your Google Map Rankings.

It is one thing to have your business listed on Google maps, however, it is another ball game entirely to have your business pop up on Google Maps Search Results. Listing your local business on Google maps is an online marketing tool that helps you be visible to an online audience, attract new customers to […]

Five Technologies You Need to Run a Spa Successfully

In today’s world of social media and tech inventions, with almost everyone ‘online’, businesses and organizations need to be ‘online’ as well in other to get their products and services in front of a wider audience. For Estheticians, spa businesses leveraging on the virtual space to market their brand, there are certain tools and technologies […]

Six Estheticians Answer the Question “Why did you become an Esthetician?”

We decided to ask the Estheticians in our circle the golden question “Why did you become an Esthetician?” and the answers we got honestly made us feel proud of the Estys in our community. Read on to learn some of the reasons why the professionals below chose Esthetics. Name: Olivia Alatorre Business Name: The Body […]

8 Estheticians Tell Us Their Opinions About Giving Discounts and Special Deals

We conducted a survey and reached out to our community to get an understanding of how Estheticians and other Beauty professionals feel about Discounts and Special Deals. Here are some of the responses that we got Name: Holly Brown Business: Looking and Feeling FAB Comment: Great way to attract customers. Name: Davianne Beepot Business: Skin […]

Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Sun Poisoning

How to Prevent Sun Poisoning

While it is unclear how many people get Sun poisoning every year mainly because symptoms of Sun poisoning and sunburn are similar, it is still important to note that anyone can have it especially when you have a lighter skin tone and you are living in the sunny areas during summer. What is Sun Poisoning? […]

An Overview of Nose Hair Waxing

Nose hair waxing brings a lot of viral short videos to mind on various social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Some of those videos are painfully hilarious and would make you laugh till you are almost crying. This made me realize that if people could attempt a lot of silly stuff all because […]

An Esthetician’s View About Celebrity Skincare

We recently asked a question in our Facebook Group called The Skin Games Esthetician Forum about what our members felt about Celebrity Skincare. We asked because we really wanted to know what our members really thought. The response by Robyn Newmark, of Newmark Beauty, really stood out and we have decided to share it so […]

Strategies to Sell Spa Membership Packages

When a customer is happy with their spa experience, they are more likely to return. That means a more predictable income and a better planned schedule for the spa owner. The difference between getting your calendar filled and always having no shows is down to presentation. In other words, marketing because marketing is presentation. In […]

Chemical Peels: How they work and Side Effects.

Chemical peels keep gaining popularity even though it is a treatment with a downtime of as much as seven days. It is gaining popularity because it drives results. In this post, we will look at how they work as well as their side effects. What is a Chemical Peel? A chemical peel is treatment that […]