Esthetician Tiffany Underwood’s Inspiring Nonprofit Journey

For esthetician Tiffany Underwood, helping others has always been at the heart of her work. As the owner of SkinCo Medspa in Georgia, Tiffany is passionate about empowering clients to feel confident in their skin. But a few bumps in her own road inspired an even greater mission of service through her nonprofit Tiff Tiff’s […]

Driven by Passion: Michele’s Journey to Competition Success

When it comes to esthetics, Michele is a true artist – crafting beauty through dedication, skill and years of honing her techniques. From her start in nails over three decades ago to owning her own boutique and rising to the top of her field, her journey exemplifies finding purpose through constant improvement. Originally from Orange, […]

Estheticians Discuss National Skincare Awareness Month

National Skincare Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight both the importance of skin health and the valuable role that estheticians play in empowering self-confidence. When I recently asked members of The Skin Games Esthetician Forum how this awareness month could help promote skincare, I received such insightful and inspiring responses. Estheticians from across […]

Embracing Authenticity: Tackling Imposter Syndrome in the Esthetician Community

Let’s discuss Imposter Syndrome, a topic that will be the focus of our upcoming newsletter. I invite you to contribute to this post and have a chance to be featured in the next TSG Blog. Imposter Syndrome is a persistent feeling of undeserved success or doubting one’s abilities and accomplishments. As I connect with countless […]

Surviving and Thriving as an Esthetician Long Term

When I first became an esthetician, I had stars in my eyes and big dreams of making a real difference in people’s lives through skincare treatments. However, I soon learned that many estheticians only last about three years in the career before moving on. Clients can be challenging, the workload is high, and the work […]

Meet Bree Mesquit! The Original Custom Wax Pad creator

We are super excited to have “The Original Custom Wax Pad and SMA” creator, devoted esthetician entrepreneur, and dedicated mother/wife from Central Oregon, Bree Mesquit with us as a judge this year at The Skin Games! We had an opportunity to talk with Bree about who she is, why she loves the industry and what […]

Six Estheticians Answer the Question “Why did you become an Esthetician?”

We decided to ask the Estheticians in our circle the golden question “Why did you become an Esthetician?” and the answers we got honestly made us feel proud of the Estys in our community. Read on to learn some of the reasons why the professionals below chose Esthetics. Name: Olivia Alatorre Business Name: The Body […]

8 Estheticians Tell Us Their Opinions About Giving Discounts and Special Deals

We conducted a survey and reached out to our community to get an understanding of how Estheticians and other Beauty professionals feel about Discounts and Special Deals. Here are some of the responses that we got Name: Holly Brown Business: Looking and Feeling FAB Comment: Great way to attract customers. Name: Davianne Beepot Business: Skin […]

How Kelley Baker Tames Brows and Beauty Trends

Kelley Baker

The world of esthetics is so vast with a wide range of aspects one can specialize in, and if anyone is a success story for finding their niche, it’s Kelley Baker. With 18 years of experience in her beauty toolkit, Kelley is the go-to esthetician celebrities depend on for the shaping, grooming, and maintenance of […]

Her Skincare Sauce and Recipe for Industry Success

Many estheticians would balk at the idea of cleansing a client’s face for longer than five minutes, but Regilynn Haywood has a secret sauce to skincare and one of her ingredients: an extended cleanse. She’s found that when she takes her time with cleansing, she’s able to get a better sense of exactly what’s going […]