Lola Hodges’ Impressive Age Reversal Case Study in The Skin Games

In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable case study of Lola Hodges, the owner of Caprice Beauty Bar, located in Cohoes, NY. Over the course of eight weeks, Lola successfully reversed her client’s signs of aging using groundbreaking modalities in the field of Age Management. Lola’s journey with her client Melanie began […]

How to Create an Award-Winning Case Study

Welcome to my blog series designed to help you maximize your chances of success in The Skin Games competition. As the reigning Esthetician of the Year, I’m honored to share my tips and insights with you. Let’s kick off our journey to victory with an essential step: reading the rules! Thoroughly Read the Rules and […]

From Being a Player in The Skin Games to being a Platinum Sponsor – Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria

Denise Sanabria possessed a passion she never knew she had, but when she discovered this newfound devotion, it gave her a new career, two new businesses, and a lucrative obsession, along with other goals to continue conquering. Not long ago, Denise worked as an office manager. When clients began inquiring about services she wasn’t fully […]

Thinking Outside the Skincare Menu: An Interview with Voula Makropoulos

Voula Makropoulos

Esthetics for Voula Makropoulos is not a job—it’s her passion. That’s one reason she does not have a menu of services in her practice, because her passion guides her to think outside of the menu and she focuses on each client as an individual. It’s this individuality that dictates the exact skincare treatment each client […]

Making Her Wish Come True: An Interview with Kelly Wolcott

Kelly Wolcott | Making Her Wish Come True

This transformative powerhouse sold her east coast esthetics business and moved to the west coast to start a new one.

Learn about her WISH and how she believes The Skin Games will allow her to achieve her goals of helping other estheticians develop and reaffirm their skills.

Skin Fairy Clinic CEO, Carmen Anuriw, featured in Skin Inc Magazine

Carmen Anuriw, CEO of Skin Fairy Clinic

In April of 2017, Carmen Anuriw, CEO if Skin Fairy Clinic went home with three awards, First Place in Acne, Game Changer Award and Player of the Year Award, at The Skin Games 2017. A year prior to TSG 2017, Carmen won the “Western Australia Therapist of the Year” award by Danne M. King of DMK […]

Winners for The Skin Games T-Shirt Pose Challenge Announced

The Skin Games organized a T-Shirt pose Challenge where we called out to all past players of The Skin Games to strike a pose with their TSG tees and winners will be announced. The mini-competition was a success and we have our three winners: Melissa Bivelacque Shirley Avila Shanon Piano We wish each one of […]