How to Build a Strong Skincare Brand

Welcome, beauty enthusiasts! Are you thinking of starting your own skincare brand but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. With the right knowledge and approach, building a successful skincare brand is achieveable. I’ll walk you through some universal steps needed to build a strong skincare brand. One that […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Turn in Your Case Studies on Time

One of the advantages of entering The Skin Games is in having the chance to expose your practice to a larger audience. This audience includes industry insiders, professional skincare lines, our sponsors, media partners, and your peers among others. It is also essential to note that the public will have access to your case study […]

How to Deliver Great Consultation Experience for Your Clients

Delivering great consultation experiences for your clients is the key to ensuring that you plot a defined road to success for your clients journey. Let’s take a look at the following scenarios: Make The stylist or therapist connects with, and listens to the client – no matter how busy the salon is. The client feels […]

Other Ways You Can Win in a Competition Without Coming First

Competition is a part of our everyday lives, starting in elementary school with spelling bees, talent contests, and track meets. These may be low-stake competitions, but they teach kids that one important lesson. To accomplish their goals in life, they must work, even from an early age. Typically, we want to succeed in every form […]

Optimizing the Sanitization Experience of Your Spa

Optimizing the Sanitation Experience of Your Spa

When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated and healthy. · Laila Gifty Akitah Optimizing the sanitization experience of your spa is not just one of the bunch of duties an esthetician owes every client. In fact, every part of being in your spa, right from the point where the client lays foot in […]

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

It is no news that many people, especially adults have experienced dark circles under their eyes. These dark circles are eye blemishes that usually appear around the eyes or under the lower eyelids, creating a form of eye bag that makes people look older than they really are. Dark eye circles are not injuries, redness, […]

Seven Exciting Ways to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

There are various easy ways that you can use to promote your Facebook business page, thereby increasing the number of Engagement and Page Likes among other metrics. While this post focuses on your Facebook Page, it is also applicable to your other social media platforms. The methods share here are absolutely free and wouldn’t cost […]

Exfoliating Without Scrubbing: An Informed Perspective

Exfoliating Without Scrubbing using 2B Bio Peel

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Exfoliation is “the act of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin in order to make it smoother” – Regular deep-cleansing and exfoliation should be part of your beauty routine. Did you know that many people carry dead skin everywhere they go? Some even flaunt it […]

Entry Fee Scholarship Opportunities

You have asked for ways to enter #TheSkinGames if you don’t have the $110 right now. Entering EARLY in the games means that you will get the most exposure, the longest amount of advertising and marketing from this platform, and the more networking with the celebrities and professionals involved in The Skin Games. We have […]

10 Ways to Raise your Registration Fee for The Skin Games

I wanted to take a moment and shoutout to all the wonderful estys who have contacted us! We’ve been inundated with interest and questions about the games. Most touchingly, the single momma, newbies, and budding esthetician business owners out there who have reached out asking if we have a scholarship program for entering #TheSkinGames Your […]